New Virtual Animal Wellness Consulting Services (VAW-C)

I am pleased to announce that J Squared Healing is now offering virtual/phone consultations.

The Virtual Animal Wellness (VAW-C) program is available to new and existing clients and patients. VAW-C program offers virtual vet visits and consultation to empower pet parents with holistic health, nutrition and wellness advice, information, and one on one instruction through electronic means on Meridian Touch Healing, Veterinary Acupressure and Massage techniques to treat and maintain your pet’s health and well-being.

Virtual Animal Wellness Services Available:

  • Veterinary Acupressure and Meridian Balance Education and Coaching

  • Veterinary Nutrition Consultation-including nutraceuticals, herbs, Traditional Chinese Herbs, CBD

  • Holistic Veterinary Consultation for Senior Pets-nutrition and vaccine information

  • Behavior Consultations: Anxious, Fearful, Storm or noise phobic animals

  • Stress management consultations to help your animal and family deal with stress

Virtual Animal Wellness – Consulting visits are available by scheduled appointment only.

Setup and Schedule a Virtual Visit:

Step 1:  Visit Virtual Consultation Form

  • Enter your pet’s information. Required fields are indicated by red asterisks
  • Provide your pet’s medical history which is most relevant to your questions or concerns about your pet.

Step 2: Download, read, sign and email back your Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship agreement

Step 3: Watch your inbox for confirmation and scheduling your virtual visit

New Patients:

  • Payment via PayPal in advance $200 USD
  • A personalized link will be emailed to you at the time of scheduling.
  • First visit 45 minutes
  • Zoom or phone consults available

Existing Patients:

  • Payment via PayPal $150 USD, prices may vary based on patient.
  • A personalized link will be emailed to you at the time of scheduling.
  • Ongoing visits 30 minutes
  • Zoom or phone consults available

The Following condition must be met before you can use the VAW-CS program.


Disclaimer: The virtual consultation/visit is not a substitute for an in-office veterinarian visit and or diagnoses.

Have any immediate questions?  Email Dr. Jill Todd, DVM.  Email response times estimated within 24-48 hour upon form submission.


Dr. Jill Todd, DVM