Happiness Consulting

I recommend picking 1 or 2 things you can do daily to help save the planet:

  • Smile – it is contagious

  • Take a big deep breath and say “I love my world”

  • Hug your dog, or cat or horse and each other

  • Even Trees need a hug too

  • Take time to smell the flowers and notice the colors of each

  • Walk in the rain and notice the rain drops on the leaves

  • Walk instead of driving

  • Buy less and Recycle more

  • Be Mindful + Be Thankful

  • Allow yourself to humm, skip, dance and sign out loud

  • Embrace your inner child, roll in the grass and make a splash in puddles

Dr. Jill Todd, DVM
Hug your dog

Happy Earth Day

Holistic Veterinary Care

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