Healing with the Earth’s Energy.

Due to the Pandemic, I have relocated my office to my front lawn, as I am doing acupuncture, chiropractic, and cold laser care in my Pumpkin Patch. Healing is so much fun when outdoors in Mother Nature. The autumn is on its way, and our days outside may be numbered. When weather the weather is suitable, I prefer to work outdoors. Most of the dogs, dog parents like it better too. Such a beautiful Zen feeling is had by all during garden healing. Some of the leaves are falling and the yard is starting to turn green again after such a dry summer.

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Pumpkin Patch Healing for you and your pet.

Pumpkin Patch Healing is very relaxing, as we sit on a blanket on the lawn and feel the Earth Energy. The healing sun is looking down at us, and sometimes a hummingbird will do a fly by. One time we had a brave squirrel try to scamper a little too close. It was a good thing that Rogue was not a reactive dog, and his mom, Katie was able to get his focus back to the acupuncture blanket. Rogue is a Border Collie, and Katie is a canine massage therapist, so it all worked out simply fine. As a matter of fact, Rouge had one of his best sessions today to help him with his back pain that day, as the squirrel adventure gave him a little extra back stretch.

Fall Harvest – Healthy goodness for you and your pets.

I grew pumpkins this year during the “COVID grow your own vegetable” fad, as this is my virgin year for pumpkin farming. The big surprise is how beautiful the vines are with their giant yellow flowers that invite the bees and hummers. And the pumpkins are so gorgeous. I cannot wait to harvest and make some cooked pumpkin for the dogs’ GI systems, as well as roast the seeds for our family to enjoy. Rodney and I will probably carve a pumpkin or two for fun, as it will be a great time for us to play with our carving skills.

The big surprise is how beautiful the vines are with their giant yellow flowers that invite the bees and hummers.

Try roasting your pumpkin seeds (after cleaned of course) at 350 degrees until light golden brown. You can add a little bit of olive oil and any spice you desire. I like cayenne and sea salt. Rodney likes vanilla and brown sugar cinnamon. Some people like to pan fry them to make them even crispier.

To roast pumpkin; clean and quarter pumpkins or cut into 1/8th or 1/16th pieces for larger pumpkins. Cook at 350 degrees until meat of pumpkin is soft. Scoop out the meat and put in ice cube trays. Freeze pumpkin meat small amounts as needed when your dog has diarrhea or constipation. The extra fiber is good, and most dogs and even cats love the taste. My girls love fresh pumpkin and I use pieces for yummy snacks.

Health Tip!

IMPORTANT: Remember no garlic or onion if you are going to share with your fur babies.

HAVE FUN and SMILE! It is Pumpkin Time!!



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