Animal Communicator & Healer Summit 2019

Holistic Healing Speaker: Dr. Jill Todd, DVM

Your Free Gift: Learn How to Do Bladder Meridian Touch Therapy.

Thank you for attending the  Animal Communicator and Healer Summit and we hope you enjoyed learning from the our industry experts and their shared insights! I would like to share a special recording on how you can do Bladder Meridian Touch therapy on your dog to improve their overall well being and quality of life.

  • It helps with introducing a new dog into your household by reducing stress.

  • It can help dogs with anxiety, fear and aggression.

  • Helps build confidence with dogs that suffer from PTSD.

  • Great for older dogs, or ones with painful hips, stifles, neck and back.

  • Overall, great for bonding with your pet.

  • Relax, have fun, and ENJOY!!!

Dr. Todd does phone or online consults for owners wanting to get a more holistic approach to veterinary health care. Learn More.

2019 Animal Communicator & Healing Summit - Jill Todd, DVM Interview
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Casie Testimonial for Dr. Jill Todd. DVM

“I will be forever grateful to Dr. Todd for taking such good care of my special girl, and I wholehearted recommend her to anyone who loves their pets and wants them to have the best possible care.”

Laura B.