Mysterious Respiratory Illness Affecting Dogs.

I’m sure many of you have been reading about “Canine (mysterious) Respiratory Illness”. It is all over the news and social media, so if you are a dog lover, this can raise some concerns.

Below are some links so you can educate yourself on what is known. We do NOT know if the causative agent from the northeastern US is the same as from CO, OR, and/or CA.

Many veterinarians and VMAs are recommending updating your dog’s vaccines. I (and other holistic veterinarians) do not recommend having vaccines updated at this time, as it can temporarily lower your dog’s immune system, and then your dog is actually more susceptible to disease. If you choose to vaccinate your dog, do so with education and caution. At this time there is no vaccine to prevent this illness since the cause is unknown.

Dog owners can protect their pets from respiratory illness by:

  • Reducing contact with large numbers of unknown dogs. Just like with other respiratory pathogens, the more contacts your dog has, the greater the risk of encountering a dog that’s infectious.
  • Reducing contact with sick dogs. This can be harder to determine but if a dog looks sick (coughing, runny nose, runny eyes), keep your dog away from it.
  • Keep sick dogs at home and seek veterinary care.
  • Avoid communal water bowls shared by multiple dogs.
  • If it’s sick, consider having your dog tested with a PCR test to help determine the causative agent (viral/bacterial), if possible.  Be sure to call your vet and adhere to their contagious disease protocol.

If you have a dog that is older, immunosuppressed, or have cancer, or other complications, be sure to feed it a healthy diet. Make sure the food is warm, and reduce carbohydrates (keto diet). Avoid stress, and use herbs, and medicinal mushrooms to strengthen the immune system.

Here are some of the links:
I’ll be sure to keep you posted on updates and any changes with the development and spread of this illness, take care and wish everyone in your household well.



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