Important Immunity Tips for Your Pet.

Your pet’s immune system, similar to your own, is complex and important.  These tips may remind you what you already know.  But it is always good to review and learn more.

Diet and Nutrition

Make sure your pet is on a good diet.  There are so many foods out there, sometimes it is hard to pick which is best.  Every animal just as every person has individual needs and sensitivities.  Finding a healthy nutritional food your pet loves and thrives on is important.  Vitamins and minerals as well as their absorb-ability are so important.

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise is important to all!!  Even though we are quarantined, you still can get out there and walk.  You can also use your house or apartment for exercise.  Today Vixie, Olive, and I turned on the music and danced.  We marched around the couch, spun in the kitchen.  Did crunches and lifted some weights.  Joy and happiness was felt throughout the house.  I try to incorporate some cleaning into this too.  Using wipes I wipe down doors and handles, while wiggling my hips and stretching my arms legs and back.  Using the  dust mop to gather all of the Corgi hair, while playing music, and letting my pups help makes it fun for every one.   My dogs are happy to enjoy the dancing and getting the family to move together grooves together.

Supplements for Health and Treating Pain and Illness

Making sure your pets have what is needed for their life stage is essential.  Young animals will differ from older or ones recovering from illness.  I find some people do not use supplements, and others  have more than needed.  Not all vitamins and nutraceuticals are created equally.  If you are not sure you are giving the best, please schedule a consult to review or update.  I just added some new supplements to my routine as relieving Olive’s anxiety and back issues is important.  Vixie is young and healthy, but it is always good to review supplements and see if you should change things in these changing times.  We started some new supplements I’d love to share with you and evaluate what your pet may need.

Decrease Stress

Stress can be physical or emotional.  If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, noise phobia, or pain, it is important to keep these to a minimum.  By training and using supplements, stress can be limited.  Our pets also feed off our stresses.  Be sure to take care or yourself, by being mindful.  Meditation and prayer can decrease our stress.  Take care or yourself.

As caretakers, many times we are better at taking care of our animals than we are of ourselves.  I admit, my dogs eat better than I do.  So remind yourself to take some ME time to help your animals.

Corgi and Ridgeback hugs and out for a healthy walk

Phone and Zoom Consultations Available

I am available for phone consultations to review what your animals need.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is used to keep the whole body healthy.  Master points can be tapped or massaged to stimulate healing.  I’d love to help you get into a routine of healthy living with your pet.  Phone consultations can help with pain, neurological issues, dementia, cancer, nutrition, behavior and much much more. 



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