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I am proud to share this interview with you I had with Joan Ranquet. Not only is Joan a well-known Animal Communicator in California and she is the founder of Communication with All Life University (CWALU). As well, Joan is my business partner with where we sell hemp extract products and Acupressure courses to help with the healing and treatment of animals and even yourself.  I welcome you to watch my interview where we talked about how I got into Holistic Veterinary Medicine.

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How I got into Holistic Veterinary Medicine.

I started in Western Veterinarian Medicine but it was through my own dog Tally Ho’s back injury where even back surgery did not help her and I was introduced to Eastern Medicine and used Acupuncture on her and saw significant improvement within weeks.  This is where I realized there was so much more we can do for our loved ones and our animals. I sold my practice in Texas and moved to the West Coast where I met Joan and we shared and learned so much from each other on matters of animal communication, which I use in my practice now and I am currently enrolled in CWALU to learn more and master animal communication.

We also spoke about an upcoming course I am leading – an Introduction to Acupressure and Meridian Touch Healing next Thursday, March 11 @5 pm PST.  You can email me to get more details on joining this session as it is for animal lovers who want to do hands-on healing with their beloved pets.

My online teaching really has evolved since COVID and has granted me time to focus on my writing and teaching people to learn how to help heal their animals from the comfort of their own homes. As part of my services, Acupressure can be done in addition to Acupuncture as it is an energetic bodywork using touch and feel to move energy to stimulate healing and well-being. We talked through how I like to teach people where the acupoints are located on themselves and their fur babies so both get the benefits.

Starting March 20th, 2021, we discuss a new program called “21 Days of Fitness” with Jill and Joan Healing. It will be a fun and interactive way to be active with your animals. We will share tips on senior pets, how to do healthy portion control, and making fitness fun is our overarching goal.  Listen through to the end to learn more about our program/challenge to lead us into the warmer months.

Health Tip!

Trauma and injury can be locked in an animal’s body and Meridian Touch Healing and Acupressure is a perfect way to try and practice energy work.



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