Feline Incontinence Treated with Acupressure & Meridian Touch.

Louie, a Story of Inspiration and Healing

As we prepare for 21 Days of Fitness, I want to share an inspiring story about one of my current patients who embodies the spirit of this exciting program. Louie is an adorable young cat who was born without a tail; these kitties are sometimes called a “rumpie.” Around the age of 8 months, he developed both urinary and fecal incontinence, with occasional blood in his urine. Allopathic veterinarians assumed urinary tract infection or the development of bladder crystals or stones, however tests revealed neither of these to be the case. Louie was given antibiotics and pain medication and sent home. After a few months of dealing with his persistent incontinence, often compounded with constipation, his human was at a loss. She loved Louie but didn’t know how to help him, had limited resources, and simply didn’t have access to much outside of standard veterinary care in her small Oregon town.

Louie was surrendered to Flower Feline Sanctuary, a small nonprofit rescue on Camano Island, WA. The sanctuary has limited resident space so the founders frequently foster kitties while addressing their medical concerns. With the intuition that chiropractic treatment might help, Director and co-founder Diane Venberg reached out to me to get Louie started on a series of veterinary orthopedic manipulations (VOM therapy) and acupuncture. Because Louie is well-socialized and confident, he is an excellent candidate for treatments in my home office. Louie relaxed into my manipulations, did not object to needle placements, and even seemed slightly euphoric after his first treatment.

Louie - story in treating feline incontinence

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A few weeks and several sessions later, a volunteer at Flower Feline Sanctuary decided that she and her husband wanted to officially adopt Louie. This couple has experience with caring for incontinent kitties and Louie is now living with an older “brother” with similar health challenges. Diet is a major factor in maintaining healthy bowel movements for these kitties and Diane and Louie’s new family wanted to see Louie transition to a raw diet. He had been eating one type of veterinary food and isn’t food motivated, so “treats” (freeze dried prepared raw and bonita flakes) had to be added on top of the new food as an enticement. Louie also loves to play and has no mobility issues, so getting plenty of hunting/leaping/catching exercise also helps stagnation in his bowel area. His humans keep an eye out for inflammation and irritation and generally treat with CBD pet products, or with opiate and anti-inflammatory drugs if necessary, along with an E collar to prevent Louie from excessively grooming the area.

Louie has completed his first round of treatments of VOM and acupuncture in person with me paired with his mom at home acupressure and Meridian Touch therapy – he is now on a maintenance schedule. Here’s the exciting part of the story: Louie’s incontinence has shown improvements! Louie is so receptive to hands-on healing that his new mom has signed up for my Five Elements  Acupressure and Meridian Touch for Animals course. Acupressure is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and can target the same areas of the body that acupuncture does. This 5 week virtual online course allows you to help your animals at home.

See my upcoming course schedule here:Jill and Joan


21 Days of Fitness is the perfect introduction to my healing modalities. I’ve partnered with Internationally renowned animal communicator Joan Ranquet, to bring you many levels of health and healing. Taking place online, 21 Days of Fitness allows each participant an individual experience with their companion animal. This free program offers a PDF journal, daily emails from dynamic hosts, daily FB community posts, and most of all, the opportunity to have fun and foster healthy habits with your animal. There are even prizes! Sign up today



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