Recommended Natural Dynamite Supplements and Products for Your Pet.

The health and well-being of my patients and clients are of the utmost importance. Below are some of the animal supplements and products by Dynamite I recommend to treat health problems and maintain overall good health. If you are looking for advice on specific advice for your pet, visit my phone consultation page and submit your details and or questions.

Dynamite natural supplements by Dr. Jill Todd

Herbal Tonic

Excellent herbal anti-parasitic treatment alternative to chemical dewormers.

Dewormer program

The extensive combination of ingredients in this product have been successfully used for centuries as herbal antiparasitics. This is an excellent adjunct to a worming program, enabling users to reduce the usage of chemical wormers.

Safe and Effective Treatment

Canine Health and Well-being

Symptoms of Dog Worms

  • Weight loss accompanied by a marked increase or decrease in appetite.
  • Distended abdomen, or ‘pot-bellied’ appearance.
  • Lethargy.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea/chronic soft stools…
  • Always consult your vet and get your pet tested.

Canine TNT

Canine Health and Well-being

Canine TNT by Dynamite can be given to dogs in all life stages from puppies over 3 months through adult dogs.

Total Nutritional Top-dress, a.k.a ‘Canine TNT’,is an all-in-one foundational vitamin and mineral supplement containing enzymes, co-enzymes, and amino acids in a convenient, delicious gravy. TNT is a synergistic combination of Dynamite’s Showdown, Free and Easy, Miracle Clay, Izmine, SOD and Yucca, as well as other ingredients, to provide a complete, easy-to-feed, canine supplement.

TNT: Total Nutritional Top-dress

TNT is a synergistic combination of Dynamite’s Supplements Showdown, Free and Easy, Miracle Clay, Izmine, SOD and Yucca, as well as other ingredients, to provide a complete, easy-to-feed, canine supplement.

Skin Problems

Herbal Green supplement for dermatitis, allergies, stress, kidney issues

Canine Kidney and Adrenal Support

This all-natural concentration of organic alfalfa, barley, yucca, and American Indian ginseng is designed to provide kidney and adrenal support. It is also a great source of concentrated chlorophyll to help balance pH.

Canine MSM

Dynamite's MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is 99.9% pure.

Increase joint flexibility

Distillation removes any potential impurities, ensuring that Dynamite’s MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is 99.9% pure. This bio-available form of sulfur aids in cell regeneration, reduces inflammation, increases joint flexibility, and permits the muscles to heal while helping to rebuild healthy cells.

Arthritis and Neurological Issues

Canine Health and Well-being

Free & Easy

Truly unique to the industry, Dynamite’s Free & Easy is a synergistic product designed to support the joints, cartilage, and ligaments. It contains a unique blend of targeted nutrients, aloe, Ester-C®, glucosamine, chondroitin, and associated catalyst elements.

Dyna Pro - Canine Gut Health

Canine health depends on a thriving population of beneficial gut microbes. Factors such as stress, diet changes, chemical wormers, vaccinations, and antibiotics will cause a dog’s gut to become an unfriendly environment and will force microbes to go dormant. Dynamite’s Dyna Pro is designed to create the ideal conditions for good microbes to come out of dormancy, multiply, and thrive so your dog gets optimal utilization of food and supplements, resulting in a vibrant animal!

Cancer & Immune System

Four times more effective than standard vitamin C.


Ester-C®* is a pH-buffered vitamin C supplement four times more effective than standard vitamin C. Dynamite * Ester-C® is a registered trademark of the Ester-C Company.

Catazymes Supplements

Catazymes supplements these important elements for indoor cats or cats that are not able to catch mice and birds.

Vital nutrients, vitamins and amino acids

In nature, cats will hunt and eat prey that provide enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and other vital nutrients that get cooked out of kibbled and canned cat food. This is my recommendation for cats for general nutrition and Feline inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Cats general nutrition and IBD

Ensuring your cat is healthy and thriving does not need to be complicated, in fact, it is as simple as Dynamite’s Feline Foundation Program. Consisting of Catazymes and Purrformance, this daily foundation of nutrients can be added to raw diets and/or kibble to ensure your cat is getting what she needs, it is that simple.

Equine Vital Minerals

Dynamite Daily Foundation Program to provide the nutrients that horses would ordinarily be able to forage for themselves in the wild.

Dynamite® Free Choice Minerals

The Dynamite® Free Choice Minerals are included in the Dynamite Daily Foundation Program to provide the nutrients that horses would ordinarily be able to forage for themselves in the wild. We control what our horses eat and it is our responsibility to supply them with the vital minerals missing in their diets. For example, When horses are left to roam freely, they will forage plants growing in calcium-rich soils, and then travel miles in another direction to consume plants rich in phosphorus for the balance. A horse’s natural instinct is to self-regulate. I recommend supplying all four of these products in separate, open feeders that are protected from weather so your horses can feed on them in a free-choice manner.

Equine TNT

TNT is an easy-to-feed, all-in-one supplement and produces amazing results.

A Focus on Foundational Health

Each 1 1/3 cup of Equine TNT contains a synergistic combination of Dynamite, Easy Balance, Izmine, Free & Easy, Excel, and HES to support overall health including: joints, digestion, immune system and metabolic processes. It is designed for high-performance, lactation, sales-preparation, growth and geriatric needs.


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