A Day Trip to Joni’s Farm

We took a little road trip to get out of town, enjoy the sunshine, and take a drive to the country. My friend Joni Sorita’s farm Bergama, is in Mantasano Washington, just a little over an hour’s drive from my house (when there is not traffic of course). As you head south on the highway, the turn west, your pulse slows, and a brig chest breath relaxes and soothes the soul.

Joni and I met when I first moved to WA state in 2007. She introduced me to my acupuncturist, my partner Joan of JillandJoan.com, as well as many horse and animal enthusiasts. She and her husband have since then moved to the country and have a beautiful spread of fruit trees, herbs, horses, and farm animals.

All of the animals have awesome names, which well describe their personalities. My dogs came along for the ride, so we had an Animal Farm Extravaganza. Vixie Elizabeth feels she must herd the sheep. Lulu the black sheep, does not feel the need to be pushed around. Olive Oil must smell and lick the pigs. They have the cutest faces with sweet noses. And the horses, and cats are all curious about the new tribe on their homeland. The dogs also play ball with the farm dogs, as everyone loves to play ball on a beautiful spring day.

Cutest face some of the pigs at Joni's farm

Joni has taught me so much about harvesting and making botanicals. She loves playing in her garden and making oils, elixirs, and flower signatures. I am a sponge to her knowledge, as she Queen Botanical to me. One day, I aspire have the experience and know how she has acquired. But for today, we are just enjoying the journey, and the day. She and her daughter Casey have been working hard to use everything the farm produces to help pay the bills.

We could not hug due to COVID and social distancing. But we could smile and laugh and share stories of the past. Hopefully in the not too distant future, we can hug again, because she is my Sista. The time was too short, but we enjoyed every millisecond.

Joni's Farm

You can look up Joni’s Farm and I encourage you to support her farm and make purchases on line. All of her products are grown, nurtured, and concocted on her farm in her new office with love. The botanicals are my favorites, I even shared Mother’s Day baskets with my relatives this spring to spread the love.

Visit: BermagaFarm.com



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