How Dr. Jill taught me to do Acupressure Trigger Points and Massage on my Bella to help her cough and breathing.

“Thanks again for our call, this morning Bella’s chest was so tight  and I’ve been doing some of the points you showed me with massage for a few minutes and I could feel it release.  She was reaching around trying to give me a kiss, it was so cute. I was given a cough syrup from another vet and I didn’t realize it had opioids in it. I definitely don’t want to use that for several reasons. I know there is still some work to do with her cough and when she looks to start coughing I use the massage and cough trigger point Dr. Jill Todd showed me and it goes away.”

Bella’s mom.

“By applying the cough release trigger points and massage on Bella, it loosened her chest almost immediately”

Cough release trigger point



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