April Showers bring May Flowers

This spring has been a great time to plant flowers as well as herbs and vegetables.  I enjoy getting outside and enjoying the sunshine whenever I can.  Being blessed with a little yard and some space to plant, this year I decided to grow some fruits, vegetables, and herbs, in addition to the usual flowers.

Everyone benefits when they can go outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

For years I lived in an apartment and had a container garden.  Since I now have a house and a little more space, I can expand my garden, and enjoy even more when it comes time to harvest.  Getting dirty and digging is good for the soul.  I love to play outside in the grass and garden with the dogs.  They lay in the sunshine while I plant and weed.  I’ve started some seedlings and have been transplanting them into the soil as the days are getting warmer.

Vixie taking in the sunshine as I garden

The flowers are blooming, and the bees are working.  I have found many worms and bugs, that are good for the soil.  Yesterday, I was blessed with a Yellow-rumped Warble while watering the porch flowers.

I had a visit from a yellow-rumped warbler in my yard

Today I noticed some of my seedling are poking their heads above the soil.  It is wonderful seeing what progress brings every day.  There has been quite a bit of rain, and the soil is moist.  The air is full of pollen, birds, and bees.  I even captured a bee on my phone camera as he was busily gathering pollen.

I love to take time to roll in the grass and even take a little mini nap with the dogs on  sunny days.  They love hanging with their mom, and we all sleep better at night after a little bit of earthing.  Soon it will be time to start weeding..not my favorite project.  But it keeps my hands dirty and my mind occupied.



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