Acupuncture & cold laser helped Pearl’s weakness + pain in hind quarters.

Testimonial – Pearl’s fur parents

Hello. Let me introduce myself and my dog. I am an RN and a true believer in “western” medicine and a sceptic of the “eastern” modalities. My 13 year old Standard Schnauzer, Pearl, began having weakness and pain in her hind quarters about two years ago. I started her on Rimadyl which helped her quite a bit. She has been on Proin for night time bladder incontinence since she was 3-4 yrs old. Pearl has been and still is a “go getter” in spirit. This dog lives to work and it’s been difficult to watch her decline physically. Since I had no other “western” medicine options I decided to try acupuncture (anything for this dog). Also, as we all know, medications all have unwanted side effects. I asked around my dog community and friends for a recommendation. Jill Todd came highly recommended by a friend. Pearl began with two sessions of acupuncture and cold laser a week. After about 3-4 weeks Jill talked to me about weaning Pearl’s medications. I was skeptical, but if that’s what she recommended that’s what I would try. Amazingly Pearl was fine without those medications! She continued to be perky and active and was without bladder incontinence. She is down to every 3 week sessions. She is back to “running” the household and doing her various “jobs”. She continues in her Nosework classes and competitions. Before they knew of Pearl’s new treatments our classmates began commenting on how much better Pearl was moving and how more “like herself” she seemed.

3 weeks of acupuncture and cold laser - Pearl is back to her playful self

I cannot say enough good things about Jill. She was friendly and professional. She explained everything in detail and taught me some acupressure to help Pearl in between treatments. She is very knowledgeable and has answered my questions regarding nutrition and other aspects of animal care.

I am still amazed at how effective these treatments have been and I would not hesitate to recommend Jill to assess and treat any dog for any problem.

Laurel Westall



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